Audio Ordeal Summer Sample Pack 2017

With over 1GB of samples, covering sounds from house, techno, dubstep, and more, here is the First Summer Sample Pack by Audio Ordeal! It is ideal for beginners, by design, with all samples being within the key of Am (the white keys on the keyboard). The samples have been recorded at various tempos and not time stretched, allowing for better quality. They are sorted by tempo and type so are easy to navigate.

 I will try to keep updating it, and making more sample packs on a semi regular basis, though due to the time needed to create, I will apologise now for any irregularity or inconsistency.

I am leaving this available to everyone, at their named price, because I feel that music resources are a major factor for many developing artists. Most musicians are unable to constantly fork out money for new samples/software/instruments, so cheap/free resources are essential for us. Additionally, the prevalence of free resources, by creators who can spare the time, are in my eyes, essential for minimising the cases of piracy, because those desperate for samples need to look no further than the freebies.

If you can spare anything, even the cost of a coffee, it will give me more opportunity to continue creating these resources for all those musicians who can't afford other resources.