This is me right now:

(this isn't literally me by the way)

Why, you ask, am I looking like this? Good question. This post was unplanned until I crashed an unsaved project in Reaper and lost an almost finished song. It was clearly fate as I've been in a swamp of un-creativity for weeks. Today I had finally escaped and, in my haste to write a song, forgot to save as I went. So after a brief (and fruitless) search to discover how to recover my files I stumbled across a brilliant feature of Reaper, one that I will share with you now.

Autosaving in Reaper

Yes, there is such a feature, and no it's not a default setting. Now I'm a huge fan of how Reaper has been made but clearly it doesn't shit gold all the time - cue me losing all my song. So, I am going to show you all how to activate it.

First of all select options, and scroll down to preferences.

If you go to project, you get a page like below. This allows you to select autosave features. MAKE SURE TO CLICK APPLY AND THEN OK. I set the autosave time to every 5 minutes however you can set it to however long or short you like. I also set it to only save when not recording-I would hate to be recording and have it interrupted somehow by a save. The rest is up to you on how you save it and to where. 

And there you have it. Autosave in Reaper so you will never lose your best work and look like the guy in the video below: