Editing Interviews and speech on Reaper - BASICS

So men and gentleladies, here is my first audio specific post. It is a Reaper tutorial on editing a file of speech that would be used, perhaps on air or other media form. Before I do my picture tutorial, I'd like to tell you some background...

Reaper is the software I use for all of my music making, editing and tweaking purposes for the simple reason that it's complete and, if you are struggling for cash, free. When I say free, you can use the full version without ever having to pay a penny for an unlimited period of time. However, when you can, you are "required to" (as in should) pay. 
A screenshot from the Reaper purchasing page

So aside from being free/extremely cheap compared to other Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs), why should we use it for editing? Well, Kenny Gioia gives a perfect reason, many of you will have at least heard of Pro Tools, a comparatively extortionate DAW costing users roughly $900/£600 for the full package. He discusses the surprisingly huge list of how Reaper out-does Pro Tools.

Basically what I'm trying to do is justify the use of Reaper as a software. And so here is the link from which you can download it

So, time for me to impart my clevers:

So that is the end of my first post. I plan on doing many more on making audio sound better in DAWs and perhaps go onto hardware and geek out a bit.