The curse of the 'DJ back'

DJ's are well known for their wicked dance routines. That was a lie. Watch any DJ and they will inevitably cycle through the same moves and routines endlessly. In between dance moves though is the mixing and performance. If you are a professional DJ on a stage you will be lucky enough to have a good solid table with which to rest your equipment on, usually one that doesn't require too much bending over. Then there are the DJs that have to make do...

Shamelessly use of yet another google images photo.

The photo above demonstrates what many people encounter if they have to DJ at a smaller event e.g a house party. I'm not talking about the abomination of open drinks by the gear. I'm talking about the table. I have never DJed at a party with a good table. They are always the last minute thought by the host after I have arrived and they are always  too low. 

I'm writing this two days after a long DJ set that lasted until the morning that made use of a table that was below waist hight and I can safely say I feel like the hunchback of Notre Dame. 

Especially when playing with low profile controllers, you will find that you have to bend further than is comfortable to reach the controls and this is a really big nightmare for many (especially the taller) DJs. 

If you are performing, Bring boxes and cases to stand the gear on. Everything possible to raise the hight of your gear. Not only will this lessen the chance drinks will be spilt, but it will save your back in the coming days.

Sick beats from DJ Cripple-Back