Are you an audiophile? Here's a link to take the test!

There is a whole deal about sound quality, 128kbps MP3 = evil. The way to go is WAV uncompressed or even vinyl, all modern music is awful quality etc.

However a lot of people, when comparing two sound qualities, know which one is better to start with and listen with a prejudice and so it is important to do a double blind test and see if you really can pick out the best quality sample.

Here is the website which tests you 

And all I will say is I got 0/6 correct as I seemed to favour the 320kbps MP3 files thinking they were the top quality. Personal preference I guess, and it goes to show, high quality MP3s are not bad, most people are unable to distinguish any, and sound engineers/audiophiles can only truly distinguish the extremes.

This is very important for the Digital DJ era where tracks are trading off quality for lower storage intensity. What I would recommend is get the best quality MP3s to DJ with and nobody will give a crap. If you use low bitrates it will show up at loud volume on good sound systems, but most clubs and small venues have questionable sound quality which renders the whole debate useless. If you have good quality tracks then if it sounds like poop, you aren't to blame!

This is your poop reference track!