Cables and What They Do: RCA Cables

These cables are going to be familiar to DJs in particular, being the main connector that mixers, CDJs, turntables and controllers use. They have a number of names such as RCA, Phono and, A/V cables, all refer to the same wires and connectors. RCAs are commonly found on the back of TVs, usually coloured yellow, red and, white. They can accept both line and phono signals

They are easy to connect. Match the colour of the socket to the colour of the plug and you are good to go. The rule is: Red for Right, where the red wire is the right speaker and the white is the left. Yellow is c

Now then, whatever people say, RCA cables are UNBALANCED, they only have two connections, the inner pin for the hot signal and the outer ring for the ground. To be balanced, they need a third connector. What this means is you should not run these cables over a long distance (20ft max is a rule used by some) as they could pick up interference which will degrade your sound quality.

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