Music Subreddits To Subscribe To

Reddit is one of the biggest resources for information online, it has communities called subreddits, dedicated to submitting content relevant to that style or type of information, as well as discussions and advice. I have compiled a list of the relevant subreddits for DJing and music production, from which you will find a ton of resources. Remember, the search bars are your friends.

If you are unfamiliar with reddit, then all you need to do is create an account and subscribe to the subreddits that you are interested in (try searching for "music production" and seeing what subs there are). To make things easier however, I have also made a list here of useful subs to immediately connect to!

/r/DJs - Is the main subreddit for DJs, it covers a lot of hot topics and discussion as well as some more advanced questions. This is a recommendation to all DJs however beginners should direct their questions to the next suggestion as the users have varying degrees of support at times.

/r/beatmatch - This is the more beginner friendly version of /r/DJs and will welcome most beginner questions as well as success stories and advice. You are more likely to get support for basic issues and the comments are a lot more helpful. Take care to read the wiki on the side though as it has a lot of FAQs which cover the basic questions everyone has when starting off. Likewise, it's worth searching your question first to make sure it hasn't been answered already - people get sick of these.

/r/DJsCirclejerk - Is the place for DJ humour and trolling. Expect a lot of sarcastic posts and noob DJs getting made fun of. Martin Garrix, David Guetta and other big DJs get a lot of hate here although it is mostly for sake of humour. This subreddit is not essential as it gives no useful info other than chuckles.

/r/livesound - This is a brilliant subreddit for those into live sound. It provides weekly 'No Stupid Questions' threads which mean users can ask for help on anything and not get shot down. It has a wiki for help as well which is worth checking out.

/r/audioengineering - Another brilliant subreddit with weekly threads that further sub-categorize posts, one to check out is Tuesday's 'Tips and Tricks' thread. It supports a lot of discussion and is one of my favourite subs because of how much I can learn from it. People frequently give personal advice based on years of experience and are always happy to help people of all levels. Like with all subreddits, the most basic of questions may be shot down simply because there is Google for that, and people would rather partake in more interesting discussions than one for someone completely clueless.

r/AdvancedProduction - is a more intermediate/pro orientated sub where you can find topics that may be less approachable for beginners. Nevertheless I recommend all producers subscribe to it, just make sure to ask questions in the sub for your relevant level - the advanced production sub was made to get away from all the beginner questions.

/r/wearethemusicmakers - We Are The Music Makers is a brilliant subreddit that covers all areas of the music industry, it has a lot of production and tech questions as well as useful tips and tricks posted by helpful people. The advice is solid and there is much to learn from this sub. A must for any musician regardless of style.

/r/edmproduction - Whether you like dance music or not, I'd recommend subscribing to this as the posts cover all areas of producing EDM music from the start to the mastering. Aimed mostly at bedroom producers, this is a really good sub to learn production with a computer. Don't be put off by the genre as skills and knowledge is transferable and it often applies to all music.

/r/synthrecipes - Is a newer subreddit that I discovered recently. It is people posting links to songs and asking how to replicate the particular sounds in it. There are only just over 3000 subscribers to this sub at time of writing so not all questions are answered but it is growing and the support when it is provided is fantastic.

/r/RateMyAudio - Want your track critiqued? Try this sub. This sub doesn't have that much of a following so make sure your submissions stand out. Don't submit your track if you can't handle issues pointed out as that's the point of the subreddit. Great for direction if you don't know what to add/fix.

/r/futurebeatproducers - is like /r/edmproduction but for more modern styles of music. Obviously less followers, but better if you want more targeted advice from people who are more likely to relate to your tracks.

/r/GameAudio - I don't care if you aren't a game designer, this has some quality content. Great for learning from pro sound designers, there are some awesome links to large sample packs full of FX.

/r/LocationSound - slightly more specific and perhaps beyond the interest of your standard bedroom producer, this sub is for people who go out to record sounds. If you have an interest in this it is a valuable resource. If you are studying a media course this is really useful!

/r/makinghiphop - pretty much as it sounds. Even if you aren't a hip-hop producer, there will be great production advice that you can transfer.

/r/ProductionLounge - a small subreddit but worth subscribing to anyway, similar stuff to the above production subs but will get less engagement in the comments and discussion.

/r/Samplehunters - Great if you are trying to identify a sample, subscribe and contribute if you can, if not you may get some good samples from it.

/r/SongStems - Fancy a shot at remixing? this is the place to go. You will find song stems and be able to request any you can't find. The quality may vary and not everything will be available obviously, but it's a good start.

/r/VSTi - Links and discussion of Virtual Studio Instruments