Pioneer Controller Leaked (Due to be announced tomorrow)! [UPDATED!]

A recent (matter of hours ago) twitter leak has perhaps just given away Pioneers controller, ready to be announced at some point tomorrow. It is what appears to be a DVS mixer for Serato, most likely one suited to scratching. Their slogan "Prepare For Battle" supports this. Called the DJM-S9, let's have a little look...

It has controller style coloured beatpads as well as FX (visible in their teaser video).

By watching their teaser video in slow motion, I have been able to identify some of the features in the picture above.

There is definitely FX such as echo, flanger and perhaps back spin. As well as controls for a sampler and slicer. From this we can assume there will be buttons to select cues and loops too (look at the four buttons above the VU meters).

I cannot tell yet what those CH1 and CH2 objects above the pads are due to the low res image. Perhaps on/off switches of some sort (due to the text by them).

The main thing is that it is Serato compatible and that will be a sigh of relief for many people. Traktor users however may be disappointed but they still have the S8 which is this and so much more.

The only issue with this piece of kit that I see so far is that some cunt has put the levels in the red!!!


I have just come across the following image leak that may give a better angle for a few things!