Reaper 5.0 Is Out!!! [UPDATED]

So awesome news, Reaper version 5.0 has been released today (12.8.15) and it is looking awesome!!! Reaper by Cockos is my personal choice of DAW due to it's low cost and power and I'm excited to hear that a major update has been made despite the software being as good as flawless for me anyway.

Website image.

The main updates seem to be on the video support, something with which I have not explored but will certainly take the time to now. This is good for people interested in media editing over the whole spectrum from audio to video, all of which Reaper will now be fully capable of. 

Other awesome improvements include VST 3 support, the most recent version of VST plugin which will expand the capability of Reaper to utilise new plugins. There is now also "per-take FX automation" allowing better effects control as tracks are recorded.

Other cool improvements are an "extra fancy new theme" which I'm excited to explore as well as layout improvements and added options which will certainly improve Reaper's already outstanding workflow. So far I see no huge difference in the new theme beyond aesthetics.


I am extremely grateful that they have improved the metronome, including new beat patterns and fixing some of the more annoying count in issues, something which often frustrated me. Now there is the option to add custom sounds as the metronome as well as being able to program the order of clicks (ABBB would be "tick-tock-tock-tock" and ABAB would be "Tick-tock-tick-tock")


They seem to be big on improving CPU usage which on my (i3) laptop especially is much needed. Hopefully this will allow smoother playback on larger projects.

The mouse wheel is disabled on all faders by default, a massive improvement for me, since using a touch-pad can result in scrolling the fader too high/low and undo any mixing that has been previously set. [UPDATE: I HAVE FOUND THIS NOT TO BE THE CASE].

Of course more will come in future updates and there was plenty of current fixes and features I neglected to mention for brevity/because most people don't care. For the full list of features, click here to view on their website.