Top Articles Around the Net (August)

Here are some articles from around the net worth checking out!!! Also a massive thank you to all readers, this site has now exceeded 1500 views, time to go huge.

  • A psychologist explains the incredible "skin-gasm" feel  that people experience listening to exciting music click here

  • For a look inside the Ministry of Sound's incredible sound system, click here

  • More bad news for Soundcloud users, is it time to move to a different platform? Click here

  • Keep up to date with the hottest songs from Tomorrowland's Shazam searches, click here

  • NASA uploads Voyager's 'Golden Record' audio to Soundcloud! Click Here.

The song in my head this week is:

Almost a year since it's release, Boss Mode from Knife Party's Abandon Ship album still blows my eardrums to the skin-gasms outlined in the above article.