New Traktor Controller Announced! - Kontrol S5

Today a new controller has been announced by Traktor, the Kontrol S5. It closely resembles the Kontrol S8 in design while sporting a stripped down appearance not unlike the differences between the S4 and S2. With prices at £579, stated by Traktor, it is just over £100 less than the S8 and I don't really see what the point is.

It maintains the 4 channel control while missing a significant amount of features present in the S8, including the four faders on each side, designed for Stems control. This is a strange absence considering Traktor is stating that the S5 is a controller for Stems format.

The promo video boasts "Hi-Res Screens" that look similar to the S8's but any improvement is countered by the fact that all other functionality is reduced. While the promo video leads the viewer to think it will work as a 4 channel standalone mixer, the images of the back, show otherwise.

It really seems that you are saving a small amount of money, for a significantly cut down machine. An eager person could probably find a second hand Kontrol S8 for the same price which, of course, will have full features. Such a person would not only have greater control of stems and tracks but will also be able to use the S8 as a standalone mixer or even a DVS system.

If, perhaps the price was another £100 cheaper, it would be a controller to consider buying but for now, you may as well save that wee bit more money, for a much better piece of kit.