Top Articles Around the Net (September)

Here again on the first of September bringing you the top (relevant) articles on the net. Since the last post of this kind (August), audience views have more than quintupled!!!

  • Did we expect it? Yes, the latest "DJ movie" starring Zac Effron has been a complete disaster. Confirmed here as the third worst wide-release box office opening in history! 

  • Brilliant reddit rant and discussion about club goers asking for their phone to be charged in the DJ booth. It's happened to us all!

  • Everyone heard Knife Party's LRAD, but what is an actual case where a sonic device like that has been used? This article claims to be about the "Mahatma Gandhi of Sonic Weapons"
The song in my head this week?

A brilliant minimal techno song that's way more exciting than it's genre tends to allow. I can't wait to spin this one myself!