Serato 1.8 Revealed To Include Key Detection

Good news for DJs who use Serato, you will now be able to detect the route key signature of your songs from within Serato DJ! Their website stated that the software update will be available from the end of October coming not only with the aforementioned key detection but other improvements such as hardware remapping.

The key detection system will apparently allocate a colour to the keys and write it to the ID3 tags so it can be read on all software. This is good news for Serato DJs who have otherwise had to use other software for their key detection.

Key software has never been 100% accurate and so I'm keen to see how it compares to other detection systems.

There is also an update to Pitch 'n Time, a paid expansion that will allow key shifting, matching and syncing. However, a more anticipated update to controller mapping may steal it's thunder.

Serato will be allowing the re-mapping of it's supported hardware (currently limited to the maps assigned at production). To most this will be of little consequence but for DJs who want full personalisation, control, and authority over their controllers this may be what they needed. 

For OSX El Capitan users however, the news is bad. Still no word on a fix for the operating system and so you may have to wait a short while longer.