Knife Party Finally Released Trigger Warning EP (review)

A couple of years ago my mind was converted to blissfull mush after hearing Knife Party's outstanding Haunted House EP. Every song on it was a gem, an art form. This EP was what made me so passionate about electronic music and I became an instant fan. 

Just over a year ago, their Abandon Ship album was released. It was a well thought out, clever album, taking from many styles and really making them rock. Songs such as EDM Trend Machine and Boss Mode both brought something new to two very mainstream sounds. It was fun to listen to, funny at times, containing little snippets and what felt like musical Easter eggs for true EDM and Knife Party fans but always top quality.

Trigger Warning, a much awaited EP that was due to be released in "6-8" weeks from September. A long time considering the songs had been performed prior to that announcement. The uncertainty of a date removed much hype and unlike Abandon Ship, has not been an exciting wait. 

Realising today that it has been released, five days ago with little hype, I finally felt the excitement. The pointless waste of time that was my excitement.

Four songs long, one of which being Jauz's remix of the first song PLUR Police is not great. I would have hoped for all four to be originals maybe with bonus remixes in addition. 

Shortly into PLUR Police I realised the highlight of the EP would be Jauz's remix, sadly for Knife Party, he did indeed steal the show. While all songs sounded good, it's not what I have come to expect from Knife Party. I wanted the brain-mush inducing power of Haunted House, of Abandon Ship and of all their singles before them.

The first two songs (the second being Kraken feat. Tom Staar) went by like the average EDM bigroom playlist you might find on Youtube. Parliament Funk admittedly picked up the vibes a wee bit however relative to their older stuff, it still felt empty.

The Knife Party I came to know and love had complex sounding songs that were mixed incredibly for their complexity. While this new EP is mixed well enough, I can't help but feel deflated that they just made three relatively hassle free songs.

What this EP does show though, if it hasn't been the case prior, is that Jauz is the new name on the block. He has emerged from seemingly nowhere and has his own heavy and awe inspiring sound, he managed to redeem the EP by ticking all the boxes that I had come to expect Knife Party to bring.

Knife Party had better watch out as attention is now diverting to the new kid on the block, and currently he is doing it better than they are.