Hypeddit: A FREE Music Resource For DJs

Can't afford Beatport? No cash for a CD pool? I  want to share a solution. You will all be aware of Soundcloud, a music sharing site from which you can find many tracks to DJ with. The buy feature allows for links to sites such as iTunes to purchase the tracks and some artists even allow you to download their track for free. Many artists have set a limitation that you need to follow their page before downloading which I think is fair enough, it gives them more support and it gives you the free music you like.

The issue is, going through many tracks, you are often redirected through so many pages and have to continuously sign in to Soundcloud. This is where Hypeddit comes in, once you've initially connected it to your Soundcloud, it does all the hard work for you.

The way it works is it connects to your Soundcloud and every time you want to download a track, it automatically follows the artist and reposts the track.

You only need to connect once and it's done

Now, I know people don't like being forced to follow people they don't want to, especially if you are using Soundcloud as an artist, you may not want to spam your feed. But consider this, these tracks may not be available anywhere else and you are getting them for free.

In addition, it is supporting fellow artists, who quite often, can follow you back. The other benefit is if you are reposting quality tracks, people will start following you for that. They will likely encounter your songs and, even if they don't stand out, the people are already following you.

The other good feature of Hypeddit is that it shows the most popular songs. While this may not be good for some DJs who hate the idea of people recognising their tracks, it's good for the rest. Hypeddit sorts by genre too and it is truly arranged with DJs and Electronic music fans in mind. It does cover most of the main genres.

The downsides are that a lot of the music is not great, especially in genre sections like electro house, clearly a misunderstood genre. You will get everything from progressive chart-y house to appalling attempts at Melbourne Bounce. Other genres such as Deep House and Drum and Bass have a more consistent quality to offer.

Now by this point you'll be wanting to know how to get this for your tracks, well its is a brilliant system, there is a free plan which is very basic or a pro plan which is really quite good for money, especially if you are churning out the tracks or maybe even running a small label.