Beginners Guide to Production on a Budget: Free Samples

Samples are by far the most available resources for production. There are so many sample packs with ridiculous prices on them but it is entirely unnecessary. Yes you may need to work harder to make them sound as good, but yes you will be a better producer as a result. Samples are everywhere, anything, and everyone.
The first resources I will show you are free sample packs, often released as promos by artists or sample companies. Scientists and researchers also tend to release the audio they have collected. Here is a selection of sample packs for you.

There are of course many, many more free resources that can be Google'd with ease. The next resources may be surprising in their simplicity.
You can download pretty much any audio from a Youtube video and extract the bits you want for your project. It could be a beat, a lyric (search for the acapella), a noise, anything really. It won't be ultra HD audio but remember that it will just be an aspect of the song and any effects processing on it will be as high a quality as your DAW allows. Youtube really is a goldmine that will contain near enough every sound in the world if you know what to search.

Finally we get to the best sample resource:

A small personal recording device is a brilliant way of collecting your own samples. It could be a Tascam like in the picture above or, it could just be your phone's microphone (there are voice recorder apps). If you have microphones already in your house/studio, you could use them to record what you want. In the end with your own microphone, you can record what you want, when you want and how you want. 

The best bit about having your own recording device however is that you can then provide it to the internet community. The beauty of samples is even if you have used it in a song, someone else could use it with complete originality in their own way. There are so many things to do with a sample that you need not fear it will rip you off in any way.