Numark Dashboard

Could this be the end of visible laptops for DJ's? Numark have just released a new Serato Accessory for controller users. A dashboard from which all the information needed to DJ is based, allowing the DJ to safely store his laptop out of sight. To people familiar to the NS7III, this is much the same, with the added benefit that it will work with any Serato controller.

What this means is a club can install one permanently and any Serato DJ user can have it and avoid the common laptop stare. It has high resolution screens, of which there are three. They display the tracks, waveforms (even stacked for beat-matching), and FX.

A big feature is they will be available to DVS users, NAMM 2016 demonstrated them in use with an Akai AMX, a controller capable of DVS. This allows club DJs to simply plug everything in and DJ facing the crowd.

The coolest feature of this is that it is also a USB hub. You can plug the Dashboard into your laptop and a controller into the dashboard and it all works, there are even two ports to work from if you have a secondary controller/accessory.
It comes with an adjustable base that allows it to configure to any controller's height and seems like a sturdy piece of kit which I hope to see a lot of in clubs and venues in the future.