Cellofan (Free Cello VSTi)

If you want to add a string element to your production, then look no further. Cellofan is a free VSTi with a really nice sound. It has a very simple GUI and is easy to use with just three parameters. While it won't compare to higher end plugins, for the price of nothing, it is truly exceptional sounding and with a good EQ after the plugin, you can get it sounding really nice. I'd recommend this if you are looking for a nice string element in the background.

Simple interface with plenty of control.

Use several tracks with this plugin and randomise the timing of the MIDI slightly as well as slightly different attack and release times to get the sound of several playing at once, and pan each one for the best feel of space.

For deeper control, manage the automation of each parameter as the track goes so you can utilise different expressions with the attacks.

Demo video.