Insert Text Items in REAPER

The other day, I offered to mix and master my friends song. I was looking for ways to add text so I could send him the project and let him look through my processes and discovered a cool feature in REAPER. You can actually add a track dedicated to text where the waveforms would normally be. Let me show you how:

Below is the kind of thing, I'm talking about. For most people, this will have little use however, if you are working with people it is essential that you both know what is going on. I add notes to each track as well for description of why I used each effect. This helps the person receiving the mix understand what is going on and it also forces you to justify each plugin. If you can't justify adding something to the chain, you are better off leaving it out.

To get these text items, add a new track in the place where you want the text to go. I put one at the top, explaining where to find more info, and one again at the top of the mix bus to title it.

Use the short-cut Ctrl+T to add an empty track. (REAPER shortcuts are awesome, look them up).

Select Insert Empty Item from the menu. This will show up in the selected track. Then you will see a speech box, click the speech box.

Then you are able to type what you want. Make sure you have the Stretch to fit item box selected so it will span the item length. Also ensure that the item is long enough, I just set it to the length of the project.

And there you go, easy to add text items for collabs and sending your mixes to people who need a bit of direction.