Tip of the week: 2 Reverb EQ

As seen last week, the reverb's pre-delay is an important factor to consider when setting reverb. This week's tip will zoom out to a more macroscopic view of the reverb and how it interacts with the rest of the track. The intent of reverb can often be it's downfall, where it prolongs the frequencies expressed by an instrument and can allow them to accumulate. This is fine for mids and highs but low frequency noise does not work well with reverbs.

A great free cinematic reverb, it is reverbs such as this 
with extreme size and decays which suffer 
most from the bass build-up.

If you are going to add reverb to a track, my tip is high pass the instrument before the reverb as much as possible (don't go above the fundamental frequency obviously). This will stop any low rumble getting picked up by the reverb and becoming a muddy mess.

Alternatively, if you are adding reverb to a lower frequency instrument, you can use the reverb's EQ and take out the bass frequencies. These will still be present in the dry mix so won't be removed completely.

Cinematic Reverb is a very strong reverb plugin available here for Free!