Tip of the week 4: Computer Slow? Render Your Tracks

If you are working on a large project with many tracks, there is often quite a strain on your computer. If each track is just MIDI data that needs to be synthesised and then processed, there is a lot of work. To ease this strain on the computer, there is one thing you can do, render your tracks.

This is a good trick for when you are happy with the arrangement of the sound as you cannot then go and edit the notes (always save and mute the original so you can go back to it). Also if you want to tweak the effects later, don't render with the effects on.

A good trick is to render just the synth without FX, you can still add FX to the stem, it just means they can be reversed and altered. If you are happy with the FX then you can feel free to render the track as a whole because it will free up more computing.

Another trick is to render groups or sub-mixes of tracks. Say you have all of your drums mixed and processed, you could render just the mix of the drums to one stereo track, saving several tracks and their processing bogging down the CPU.