Tip of the Week 10: Add FX to Single Items in REAPER

REAPER has a brilliant feature that I've recently discovered. You will know you can add FX to a track but, if you open the FX and drag it to a single item, the FX only works on that item in a track. This is useful if you want a sudden burst of reverb on a snare hit without worrying about automating the whole track to get that effect on just a few hits.

If you have a whole track simply use the split item tool to separate it into a single item for the processing on just that part. Select the item you want to use and hit Shift+E, you get the FX browser and then you can select the FX you want.

It also has it's uses in Reaper's video processing, if one shot is too dark, you can adjust the brightness on just that item.

Be careful however as it does take up more RAM and so don't fill your project with it unless you know your computer can handle it or you render your items immediately after.