Tip of the Week 11: Make Your Own Samples

Samples are everywhere, they are easy to find, with a bit of Google searching. There are many packs that come free and many more that have a cost attached to them. While all of these are good, nothing is stopping you from recording these samples yourself.
For the price of a few professional sample packs or VST instruments, you can buy yourself a little personal recording device. A small device like this will allow you to sample anything, at any time. You could be out and about and sample people speaking, there could be a busker with a nice sound (ask first before taking their music), perhaps even the sounds of nature.

Additionally, when you are working on a song, slice up small bits and render them. Perhaps you've generated a nice kick drum, or maybe programmed a cool drum loop, get is rendered. You will eventually have a nice portfolio of samples in your style. You will know what you can jump to in future songs as it has already been made. 

The best bit about making your own samples? You can give them away as a promo for yourself. Make sure to have them labelled, and only choose the best samples you've made.