Tip of the Week 13: Make Yourself Learn Some New Plugins

VSTs can be super daunting, as a beginner, you could be looking at 30 or more controls, labelled with words you don't understand. As a more intermediate user, you may know what each control does, but may struggle to make the same sounds with different synths.

Synth 1 was always the synth that scared me. It took me ages 
to give it a shot because the interface looked scary.

Try and download a new synth each week and learn how to use it (just find a new one after reading each Tip of the Week here). This will not only increase the amount of synths you own, but also increase the sounds you can produce and your ability to pick up a new synth and start making dope noises immediately.

Of course, not every synth costs a fortune, VST4Free provides a huge selection of free synths and effects. Pick a highly rated one and start jamming.