Tip of the Week 14: Read the Manual

I can guarantee one thing about most of the readers: they don't read the manual. This is not an issue if you know what you are doing but, before asking for help, it is truly worth it. Not that there is anything wrong with asking for help, but if you figure out the process yourself, you immediately have a better understanding.

Something a lot of people do is ask how to synthesise this sweet sounding synth sound. Often however, they don't even know how to use their synth properly, perhaps not even really understanding synthesis itself.

This can be easily fixed. Download the manual and read it from cover to cover. Many companies add tips and tricks in their manuals, if not don't worry. Watch tutorials online and understand how to use the gear and techniques.

The reason is, audio equipment is made by clever people. They make it so you are able to make the sounds you want. Discovering a new synth sound isn't something which takes scholars millennia to achieve, merely, a simple understanding of the controls in front of you is sufficient.