Producer/Musician Interviews: Fourfox

It is time again for another interview feature, this week Audio Ordeal got in contact with Fourfox. Known for his talent using hardware to bring old-school sounds into a fresh new life, Fourfox achieves sonic brilliance on each track he makes. His Soundcloud is linked at the bottom if you've not yet had a chance to hear his tracks. Also check out Audio Ordeal's interviews with MisterGareth and Hamza Sayah.

Give a brief description of your styles/genres
"I'd love to say Synthwave, but I'm not. I'm more Dark House with synthwave elements."

What gear do you use?
"I use a completely hardware setup. I use FruityLoops 11 to send MIDI signals to all my Synths and Drum machines which I send through a mixer before I record. The setup I use consists of two MicroKorgs, two Alesis SR16 Drum Machines, a Volcabass and a Volcakeys. The SR16s are what primarily pushes my music into the Dark House genre."

What gear do you have your eyes on?
"One of the best things I've done recently for my music has been to stop looking for new gear. I'm sticking with what I have justnow and really taking the time to learn my gear inside out and so far it's definitely paying off."

Who would you say your biggest inspiration has been musically?
"Without a shadow of a doubt; Daft Punk. I can't find a track of theirs that hasn't inspired me to try and emulate their sound."

Where was your best gig?
"A club in my local high street, Broadcast, where I managed to include some live Native American flute playing into my mix. Managing to stop a crowd instantly and then pull them back into the beat was a pretty good feeling."

Any worst gigs?
"When I use to play guitar, plenty!"

What's your thoughts on sampling and sample packs?
"Personally I choose to create everything myself from scratch but if someone can make something good with samples then go for it! I want to hear it!"

Digital or analogue?
"Different sounds. Why not use both?"

What song do you wish was yours?
"Run by iamthekidyouknowwhatimean. That detuned synth ostinato that plays throughout? Damn. It's like an anti-hero of a riff."

Dream collaboration?
"Lazerhawk was the artist that pushed me to actually go out and buy some synths and try it myself, since Daft Punk always seemed so out of reach and beyond me, so yeh. Lazerhawk."

What is your guilty pleasure musically?
"Getting MIDI files of old videogame soundtracks and pumping them through my hardware late at night when I'm being unproductive."

What one tip do you have for new DJ's/Producers?
"Don't try to get any sound. Just go with what you think is good. Not anyone else, you."

Favourite album of all time?
"Digitalism - Idealism"

I came across this album long before I started creating electronic music and it still sits on my iPod today. One of the few electronic performers that use vocals that I can truly enjoy.

Best produced album of all time?
"Daft Punk - Random Access Memories"

The way this album keeps it's production to such a high standard throughout as it moves through all the different genres, from French House to Operatic, is so impressive. So much love for these guys.

Listen to Fourfox's track "Mayday" on Soundcloud below!