Should you add master FX when mixing?

This is quite a big question, most DAWs offer the ability to add FX to a master track while your track is in the mixing stage. People will argue both for and against it, some say you will add master FXat some point anyway, and if it sounds good, keep it. Others will stand by mixing the track first before even touching the master FX rack. So, here's what I think:

If you add a limiter or major EQ effect to the master, you will have a harder time seeing what the compressors and EQs are doing in the mixing stage. Don't jump ahead of yourself and create barriers. Something like a limiter on the master, running before you've even adjusted the track volumes will cloud your judgement on what needs turned up and down.

There are, however, certain plugins which can be used with no consequence on the master track. Plugins like Voxengo Span, which show you the audio and help identify issues, are brilliant and