Tip of the Week 20: Got a spare second monitor? Use it!

It comes obvious to most, especially those that have seen cool studio setups, but DAWs have a lot of information. If you are working from a laptop, the screen real estate can get crowded with all the different parameters and tools being displayed. This is why if you have a TV or spare monitor available, hooking it up is a great use of time.

Look up producer's studios on google images for large
bouts of gear jealousy.
As you can see in the image above, even across three screens, the screens are busy. This is why it not only looks cool but can speed your workflow massively. Just think, you won't need to keep switching through screensets and layouts to go from the tracking tab to the mixer screen. 

I also find it massively improves the creativity. I only plug my laptop into my TV when producing and as such it's a visual cue to get into producer mode. As with any creativity, familiar, comfortable settings are best. 

The other thing about production is, it can be tedious in places, you may not be able to get the sound you want. You can now have a NI Massive tutorial on one screen while the actual synth on another and recreate that sound you've been stuck on.