Best Online Tools For Music Makers

Making music is hard, which is why the people who made the following sites are a great help to the online music making community. Here is a list of some of the best sites which will help you make music quicker as well as pick up a better understanding of theory. Whether you are a guitarist, bassist or a computer producer, there is stuff here for you.

Jam Play

This is a brilliant site for if you are jamming out sounds on your guitar and you come across a chord, where you need to know it's name. You simply click in the fingering pattern and it will come up with the most likely chords. 

Things get pretty complicated after the first couple of suggestions (as you can see above) but it is rarely more complicated than the top chord.

The good thing about this online app is it allows you to auto play the chord and so you don't even need a guitar with you to hear what it sounds like.

It also comes with a right/left handed toggle for switching views depending on what hand you play on. 

A great resource for typing out tabs and hearing them back. If you are new to guitar and learning how tab works, this is a good one for you.

It will load up tabs from your computer and can also save the tabs you've inputted. Great for if you are working through a song on the move without your trusty axe.

If you play with the image of the guitar, you can change the speed and various other settings to customise what you need. There is also a small selection of songs to preview. By clicking on the left hand side tab labelled "chords" it brings up a video playlist with all the different chords.

HTML5 Drum Machine

Metronomes getting boring? Try using this 808-like drum machine! Programmed in HTML5, it will run in your browser and can be used to make fully customisable beats.

It offers several kits to choose from, and while none sound incredible, they are all pretty good, certainly in comparison to the metronome's lifeless click.

To use, it's very simple. The bottom sixteen buttons are steps in the sequence. Select the kick drum and click on steps 1, 5, 9, and 13 for a four on the floor kick sequence.

Then just select each different drum and program in where you want it to go. If you like what you've made, you can export the sound as a WAV file.

This site is huge, it has pretty much all the information out there, as well as a number of really awesome tools. 

It is a little bit old fashioned looking but very easy to navigate. You can select what chord you need and it will give you a list of the chord and variations on both a fret-board and on a piano.

It's tool selection rocks, including tuners and chord finders which use a microphone and determin if you are in tune/what chords you are playing.

There are a number of tools for determining scales and progressions as well as several others. This is definitely a site you need to go on at least once.


Just found the perfect obscure sample on Youtube? No problem, this tool is one of the best mp3 converters. If you are downloading a song, it tries to guess the title and artist - with reasonable success - and adds it to the song tag. If it guesses wrong there's a step to change it before it is saved.

This is a lifesaver if you can't find a source for a sound beyond the Youtube video it's in. It allows you to download the audio or video in a number of formats and even allows you to download songs - the burden of legality is on you.

I use this frequently for downloading tonnes of different sounds and samples. If you are stuck for ideas, look up movie clips/one liners or some videos of nature for ambient sounds.

Going away somewhere without internet? Long car journey? Download some videos of music production tutorials to watch later.

One thing to note is that any Youtube converter claiming everything it provides is in 320kbps is being deceiving. You will only get a quality as high as the source - in this case Youtube.

This site will download at the highest quality it can but don't be surprised if the download is inferior to the stated bitrate as it can't conjure quality from nothing.

As a result try and find the HD videos on Youtube as they are far more likely to provide good sound quality compared to a 240p video.


Hookpad is an online app for trying and previewing new chord progressions, finding scales, and composing music.

It provides you with a simple interface where you pick chords and select their inversions, suspends, and adds, and order them to your taste.

It has limited sound options as it isn't for making music itself, just previewing the chord relationships but does allow you to export the creation in a number of ways.