How to Quickly Make a Large Sample Pack

Sample packs are great, they allow you a starting point so you can work on the song's important parts. It is always annoying to work for a few hours nailing a drum pattern to find you have lost the original inspiration of a track. This is why I recommend saving each musical idea as a short sample.

By saving these ideas, especially finalised drum and percussion patterns, you can focus a lot more on the melodic and structural side of future tracks, allowing you to just load in a pre-made beat and jam ideas off it.

It will also maintain your "producers style" and keep your sounds in a recognisable structure so listeners will be able to identify your productions.

Just think, if you have a project that starts looking like this
you have a goldmine of samples to use in future tracks.

Of course, once you have the general idea of the track down, it would be worth changing the percussion and other samples and rebuilding them from scratch - there's no point having the exact same beat in every track. However, by using elements of your previous songs, you can provide "easter eggs" for your most loyal fans to discover.

Give it a shot, and perhaps one day you'll be able to sort through your best samples and sell it as an official sample pack to your name!