Something Quick to Do When You Download Presets

Everyone downloads presets, even if you have no intention of using them, you'd be unwise to not grab a few freebies. The thing is, presets aren't just there for you to load and use in your track, they are a perfect way of figuring out new methods of sound creation!

Every time you download new presets, play about with each one in the pack, figure out which ones you like and add them to your favourites. Some synths, such as Massive, have a folder for favourite presets, others may require you to write a list so you can easily search the name.

Once you have the ones you know sound good, go into the synth and make variations of that preset. Tear it apart and make new sounds from the framework already in place. Remember to save each edit you make as a different variation and you will suddenly have so many sounds to choose from.

I often don't use a single preset for my sounds, instead preferring to layer a number of variations, high and low passing each one to only include the bits I like.

This obviously can be done with any preset and by using the existing template, making sounds can become a lot easier. Start by tweaking the parameters already in use and then feel free to add new effects and modulations to it.

The reason for doing this is that it is often very hard to make a preset from scratch, especially if you know one you already have is halfway there.

The only precaution I suggest you take is to not release minor tweaks to existing presets as your own - as you could get pulled up for stealing someone else's idea. For personal use it's fine but especially when releasing a preset pack, you may want to avoid the hassle and create your own from scratch!