Improving Beatmatching: A Quick Trick

Learning to beatmatch is probably the single hardest part about beginning to DJ, it is made harder with the fact you can now DJ without beatmatching via sync and matching waveforms on a computer screen. This isn't a huge issue, everyone has a vice BUT the one thing pretty much every big DJ recommends is being able to beatmatch independently of software. So, here is an easy tip to help you get there.

We know the main issue with beatmatching tends to be the presence of the screen and the sync button. Being able to see the tempo of both tracks doesn't help either. So let's get rid of them. You are going to search a song in Youtube or from a music library, and it has to be one that you don't know the tempo of.

This way you can try mixing a song on your decks over it. As long as the first song is not playing from your DJ software, you won't be able to cheat when beatmatching it. Try it in different situations, try mixing into a song playing out of your phone, and you will see how hard it is to mix on some quieter speaker systems (obviously no venue will be that quiet). 

By using this trick you'll have a better grasp of using the pitch fader instinctively and be able to match beats without a screen in no time!