Tritik Krush Review

For many, a Bitcrusher may seem like a useless tool designed to destroy the quality of your sound. This is not the case. Bitcrushers are used to great effect, particularly in electronic music and even, surprisingly, in aiding the fixing of low quality audio. This review will be looking at Krush, by Tritik, a free Bitcrusher plugin that I discovered recently.

This plugin is about as easy as it gets. Everything is laid out intuitively and the look of the plugin is visually very appealing. It has four effects: drive, crush, dwsp (sample rate reduction), and a filter. Each of these are easy to modulate via the modulations section which offers four shapes. 

It's range of use clearly exceeds that of a Bitcrusher, and with it's dry/wet controls, you can add parallel processing so even if you want a gentle drive in your track, Krush comes to the rescue.

I'm rating the sound 5 stars because, even though a Bitcrusher's purpose is to dirty up the sound quality, it does it very well. Due to the range of control in this plugin, you can really use it to add subtle high end to liven up a bad recording or drum track, all the way to making your track sound like a broken speaker. 

With the presence of a modulatable filter, it is possible to create the "yoh" vowel sounds of many traditional dubstep tracks, and don't forget, as soon as you run out of possibilities on Krush's modulation LFO, you can start adding automations and DAW LFOs to it too!. These modulations allow much more sound possibilities than you'd expect for such a small plugin.

The presets provided are excellent, they cover pretty much all the plugin's features and really show the different range of sounds Krush can make. While on the less numerous side, the presets provided are all you need to really understand the modulations and inner workings. In the end though, the simplicity should allow even the most preset-loving producer to stray into designing their own sounds.

Tritik have made an outstanding free Bitcrusher effect which provides way more than it's competitors do. It has seen numerous uses since I've downloaded it and I highly recommend it to everyone.

Tritik also have two other plugins available which I recommend checking out on their website!