Tips For Good Bass Design - 1. Unison

This series will give you tips on how to design deeper, heavier, and overall better bass sounds. None of these tricks are massively complicated, and by no means do you need to incorporate each step for every bass sound you make, it is simply a guide to inspire new ideas and techniques.

1. Unison

One of the easiest ways to thicken up your bass sound is to add some unison. This means that each oscillator plays more than voice and can really add some extra volume and depth. Playing about with the number of voices will show you that even just a few for bass will really help. 

In Massive this can be found in the voicing
panel, just select the unisono number and 
have a play about.

On some synths you can add high numbers of voices and from my experience, that works for leads but very quickly gets messy on bass design so keep it simple - two or three voices is often enough. 

Play about with the wavetable positions and detune to really make the voices blend.