Denon SC5000 - Official Release Video

After last week's news of Denon DJ's SC5000 media player being leaked, we can now confirm it is on it's way in the coming months. Retailing at £1,499.99, this will be a big competitor to Pioneer's industry standard CDJ and XDJ club installations. 

See below for the exciting official release video, which covers all the main features of the SC5000. I imagine Pioneer are probably quite concerned at the moment:

DJs should really get familiar with this model over the coming months in case they are presented with them in a booth, but more importantly, because it looks like an incredible piece of gear worth checking out. Overall, the interface is the same as your industry standards, and where it differs, the design is intuitive enough to figure out on the fly.

It is certainly what we expected from the leaked information earlier in January, but there are some cool features confirmed and some surprising us! 

Firstly, the player offers two layers, with individual outputs. This means it can essentially work as two decks, massively expanding the capabilities of playback.

Also unexpected (and very welcome) was the of a second and third USB port, this greatly expands the usability of the player in really convenient ways, now there is no need to switch USB drives mid way through a set as they can both be plugged in simultaneously.

I'm glad to here the LAN link accommodates up to four players, this brings it up to the Pioneer standard and will be a relief to many DJs who prefer linking up their systems.

One thing I didn't like however, was the waveforms, the colouring was not to my taste and, may be a bit jarring for some DJ's familiar with Serato (or any other software's) colour scheme. It would be nice to see customisable waveform colours at least, so preferences can be transferred. This could well still be included considering how the rest of the lights can be customised - notably the LEDs round the jog wheel so I'll remain optimistic.

The big news that comes alongside the SC5000 isn't their new mixer or turntable (see below), it's Engine prime, which is compatible with Serato and iTunes libraries - rebuilt from ground up to solve many of Engine's issues from the previous iterations of the software.

The X1800 is Denon's new mixer, visible above.

The VL12 is their new DJ turntable.

This time of year can only get more exciting with all the upcoming releases at NAMM 2017!