Free Serum Wavetables [Experimental Pack 1]

To coincide with the redesign of the website, here are some free Serum wavetables. Many of these have been created and adapted from images, patterns, and cartoons. Due to the way the images get converted, many of them have tonnes of both high and low frequency content, meaning you can go to extremes with the octave control and generate some really interesting sounds. 

One of my favourite thing about Serum is it's freedom to convert images into sound, it opens up a whole avenue of experimentation to try and figure out what will sound best. Some wavetables sound amazing by themselves, as you sweep through, others offer amazing static waves. 

If you are looking for a good starting point for finding good images, look for black and white patterns, spirals, and fractals and use them. Below are a couple of examples of the result, and probably two of my favourite sounding wavetables in the pack!

The file is too large for Google to do an antivirus scan on it so please do make sure you scan it yourself! (Don't trust any internet download).