Serato Release Beta Sampler VST - And It Absolutely Rocks!

Serato are well known for sticking to DJ software, well not anymore! They have released their new Serato Sample as a free Beta so that people can evaluate it before it goes into final production. Sound great already? I highly recommend you download and play about with it for the real fun.

So, what does Serato Sample do? Essentially, it takes the tools used in Serato DJ such as the cue points, slicer and add them to a sampler plugin for you Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). This means you can chop up songs with you MIDI keyboard and produce whole new tracks with them, as well as extensive options for remixes. 

Having played about with it, my favourite feature so far is the slicer. This takes slices of the song (at a select time interval e.g. 1 beat) and allows you to trigger them in any order. Combine this with their inclusion of the Pitch n Time technology, you can key shift the samples to match any song, as well as time stretch the samples to extreme variations without losing sound quality.

This means you can be working on a song in a certain key, and take any other song, and incorporate slices of that song, completely in key with your own. It allows Machine like options for producing beats, and you can even take a sample and tune it up and down to create melodies with that single sample. 

Feature Breakdown:
  • VST format so will work in most DAWs, such as Reaper, Ableton, Pro Tools, FL Studio, Logic, and many more.

  • Free Beta testing which means you can use it for free until the Beta period is over. During the Beta testing, if you are testing it, you can buy it at a reduced price.

  • Use's Serato's clear waveform display which shows different frequencies as different colours to easily understand what is happening.

  • Uses Serato's intuitive Cue and Slicer effects so will be familiar to DJs who are also producers

  • Sound quality is great

  • Key shifting

  • Extreme time stretching

Make sure to check it out at the official Serato Sample site, where you can apply to be a Beta tester and try it for free!