Here's a Trick for Musicians Struggling with Inspiration

Let's face it, from the best, to the worst of us, we all have moments of complete despair, with zero inspiration. When you are trying to find the missing piece in a track that's almost done but nothing comes to mind, it can become really frustrating and so I'm going to show you a way of rekindling some of that flow of ideas which can bring you across the finish line of a completed track.

Essentially, we are going to jump start some inspiration by stealing it from a different feel. The easiest way to do this is to change the tempo of the track, get a feel for the new sounds, and jam off that. Let's say you are making a rock song, and you cannot figure out where your bass is going. Take it to 90bpm and jam out some slick hip-hop grooves. Perhaps your house song could slow down to half time to explore some reggae feel. 

Even when you are mucking about trying to get a feel of the tempo, make sure you are recording. You can then look over what you have recorded, and if necessary, use it. Some of the best takes ever made, across film and music have been when people were practising.

Remember to then bring the song back up to the original tempo. Or, of course, don't. Sometimes you might realise that your ideas suit this new tempo better and would be wasted on the genre you originally intended!

Try this random BPM generator and see where it takes you!