ReaMenus - A Brilliant Functionality Tool for Reaper

With all its positives as a DAW, Reaper does face criticism from people trying to transfer over, due to its menu system. Menu-Diving is a negative term in most cases when having to deal with software and for basic user-friendliness, having as much functionality one click away is paramount to a software's success. Reaper makes up for a lot of its potential issues by being near enough, fully-customisable, allowing users to create "mods" to improve workflow, look, and functionality. One of the best support features available is the Reaper Forum where much of the support is outsourced to the generous and experienced user base. From the forum you can find many additional features to implement. This article covers one of my favourites, ReaMenus.

ReaMenus is created by Mike Stop Continues and is an extremely useful addition for any Reaper fan. Made with the new, and existing users in mind, it allows a refined menu system which is categorised and easy to follow. With it, you won't ever need to dive through submenus ever again. 

The link and instructions for installation are here.

You will require the SWS extensions and recent editions of Reaper for ReaMenus to work, but as any experienced Reaper user will tell you, these are essential for full efficacy of the software anyway. If you don't know what the SWS/S&M extensions are, they are basically community built extensions for Reaper adding a colossal amount of additional functionality to the DAW and are regularly updated.

If you are a user who is interested in more extended functionality, I recommend you look through the Reaper Stash, a collection of all the user generated features in the one repository. 

This feature may not suit everyone, as it still involves a bit of menu diving, however the ease of use over the default menus is hard to contest. If you give it a try and decide you don't like it, you are fully able to revert back to default easily enough (outlined in the instructions).

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