Progresh - Resource for Popular Piano Tabs

If you are a music producer looking for a valuable tool for remixing songs and learning some keyboard skills, Progresh might be for you. It is a recent website which breaks down the piano chords for popular songs in an easy to follow way for beginners to pros.

Created by Alex Roth, it simplifies the learning process by showing the chords as highlighted keys on a piano image. With 82 songs already uploaded (at time of writing), and more to come, it is a great resource to learn common chord progressions in a number of keys and the chord shapes.

For many, this tool can be used for more than just recreating popular songs, it provides a template for making your own songs out of demonstrably successful progressions, and the user can always re-arrange the chords to however they want.

"My goal is to maximize the amount of content on the site, while keeping everything as accurate as possible. There are similar resources out there, not naming names, that have a lot of incorrect information. I'd rather users know that when they visit Progresh they can rely on chords being right."

The site was created for musicians who struggle with reading traditional sheet music after Alex Roth noticed that many musicians "could put together sounds and create atmospheres in an amazing way, while lacking most basic theory knowledge".

Currently, it is predominantly a one-man project with Alex figuring the chords out by hand, but users can provide suggestions of songs to be featured, with a future planned development of user-submitted tabs.

"Hans Zimmer supposedly has only taken 1 piano lesson in his life."