Native Instruments Huge Product Announcement!

What a bombshell to be dropped on a day like today! Audio Ordeal first heard about Massive X, the successor to Massive, and now it turns out that it is part of a much larger product announcement. We now know that there is a brand new Komplete 12, and hardware series coming out soon, including a whole new set of Traktor DJ controllers.

The new Traktor DJ controllers (S4 and S2 both in mk3) look superb, with a trademarked Haptic Drive technology, the platters are now motorised. These platters will click when you jog past clue points and offer brand new concepts to intermediate priced controllers.

The S4 Mk3 offers a small screen to take the DJ away from the dastardly laptop gaze, and features such as DVS look like they are coming in as standard. 

All this comes with a brand new redesign of Traktor, now Traktor Pro 3. Less information is available on the new version of Traktor, but we are excited to hear more in the coming weeks!

In addition, we see the latest version of Komplete, Komplete 12, with a similar tiered system where you can get the full package (Komplete 12 Ultimate), or a watered down version. There is also a collectors edition which is even more expensive and comes with additional content.

We know that there are several additions to Komplete 12, including Kontakt 6, TRK-01, Discovery Series: Middle East, Session Strings 2, updated Effects Series, Scarbee Rickenbacker Bass, a selection of Maschine Expansions, and Massive X - the update to Massive.

The Collectors Edition also includes Thrill, more Effects Pack FX, Kinetic Toys, Session Strings Pro 2, even more Maschine Expansions, and Session Guitarist Electric Sunburst.

The latest Maschine Mikro, the Mk3 was also announced, which takes on the much sleeker appearance of its big brother, which has been around for a while now. 

The Komplete Kontrol keyboard series also took a reboot with the new models A-29, A-41, and A69. These again look sleeker and more modern than their predecessors and come at a fantastic price.

The A series keyboards also come bundled with some of the incredible software available in the Komplete packs, such as The Gentleman piano in Kontakt, and Monark synth in Reaktor.

There is also the Komplete Kontrol S88 which comes with Komplete 12 Select, and continues the Komplete Kontrol series.

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